Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm Just Here To Babysit

The Giver
     In chapter 16 Jonas gets the Giver's favorite memory its called love, Jonas comes home and asks his parents if they love him only to find out they don't they care but they don't love. When I found this out I was upset to think what if my parents didn't love me and were there only to babysit us and to make sure we grew up correctly. Why do they do this to the receivers give them the power to have feeling but no one else?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Is Where The Pain Begins

The Giver
     Jonas is slowly getting closer to what pain is the closest is the memory of the elephant getting shot and then having the tusk cut off. I was horrified at the fact the Giver would show Jonas that. So these people that live in this community have never broken anything in their body?

I Forgot Tuesday

The Giver
     Jonas apparently didn't know what colors were until he saw the apple change and his friends hair change then the giver told him what it was he was seeing. I am really surprised by this all this time I was trying to imagine his world with color only to find out there isn't any. Why didn't the people genetically modify color so that everyone can see it the same way then it would still be sameness?

Monday, April 11, 2016

The beginning of training

The Giver
     In chapter ten Jonas begins his training becoming the new Receiver of Memory, when he gets into the room to start training he meets the Receiver who talks about what they will be doing. I am surprised at the fact that Jonas does not know what snow, sleds or even hills are. Why does the old man put his hand on Jonas's back to transfer the memories?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Interveiw

 We Call Her Yaya
    I interviewed my grandma but my siblings, cousins and I call her Yaya it means grandma in Papua New Guinea. Her name is Rita Gail Mounts and she lives in Spokane Washington but she was born in Cincinnati Ohio. Sadly I could not talk to her in person so I called her on my phone. She has to sons my uncle his name is Jason Mounts and then my dad his name is Troy Mounts. She loves to travel, read, and paint.
    Her attitude is happy or glass is half full. She has redish brown hair which she dyes it, she has brown eyes, splotchy but soft skin, and a little overweight.Her voice is sweet, smooth and medium low. I wanted to ask her some questions this was my first question “What was the happiest moment in your life?” Her answer was “My wedding because I had found someone who loved me as much as I loved them, unconditionally.”  but she is divorced now from my grandpa we call him Poppy. They divorced around the time that my dad married my mom. Poppy got remarried to a women named Gabriella she doesn’t like being called grandma so we call her by her name. Yaya however has not gotten remarried yet.
    My next question was “what new technology has helped you the most?” Her answer was “The most helpful technology is my cell phone.” Then I asked which was the most annoying? “The most annoying has to be learning how to use computer programs.” She has had 5 iphones not because she wanted to but because she has dropped them in places for example, in the toilet, and in the sink while washing dishes. Those are the only places that she has dropped them and she has had five including the one she has now.
    Then I asked her “What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?”
Her answer was very simple, how to trust God in everything, and when to keep your mouth shut. Yaya was one of seven siblings so you can imagine she probably got yelled at a lot for doing something to her brother or sister. Also yaya is very religious and it's not bad I like that about her, no she does not judge anyone she loves everybody, and believes in God no matter what.
    Yaya also, has four roommates and one of them is a refugee from Libya her name is Leeda, she is very shy and stays in her room most of the time. Also her family is still in Libya, Sadly. But she is really nice and I like her. I only met her when I went to Yaya’s house, But there are three more roommates their names are Megan 22, Lauren 26, and Karen 57. Karen is new I met her she is nice but grumpy. She is only staying there for a little while though.
    Then it got serious I asked her “What world event had the most impact on you?”
Her answer was “September 11, 2001 or nine eleven because so many people died in the hands of terrorists I mean we all die but that was unacceptable.” I thought this was sad but it was true. I don’t think and I hope so that no one from my family died, but I do feel bad and have sympathy for the people who do have loved ones that died from that. I was born almost a year after 9/11 in 2002. But that is not why I have sympathy, I have sympathy because I would hurt if my loved ones died I would be heartbroken.
    The next question was much happier. “What do you remember that was very popular when you were younger?” Her answer was pretty funny in my opinion, “When I was young the trend was bell bottoms, they looked like big baggy jeans with big bowl shaped things at the bottom around the ankles.” It wasn’t the trend that was funny I thought the way she explained it was funny. I wish I could try some bell bottoms they sound pretty cool. They trend now is probably flannels, or short shorts. Which in my opinion I don’t like short shorts.    
    The last and final question was personally my favorite. “What did you want to be when you grew up?” Her answer was the best. “At your age I wanted to be a counselor because I loved teenagers, and being a teenager. Also I got them and I wanted to help them.” I also want to be a school counselor not for Yaya’s reason but because I have been through a lot and I want to help kids who are going through the same problems I did.  
My conclusion is that I learned a lot of new and cool things about my grandma I did not know I actually want to interview her more just to get to know her more. Her attitude changed a lot it went from happy to annoyed to very sad to happy again. So now I know what to ask her and what to not. Also the most exciting information I learned was what she wanted to be when she grew up. The most interesting thing I learned about her was that 9/11 impacted on her so much. I love my grandma and I hope that you loved what you heard about her.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

Alyce,Willow And Wolfe

Alyce,Willow And Wolfe
     My name is Willow Tana Miller and I am the Miller’s daughter. There are five people in my family, me, my mom, my dad, and my two older brothers Milo and Tobias. I am thirteen years old. This is an account of a month in my life. When I was four I started helping my mom around the house, I would sweep and feed the cat. I was to little to help my dad at the mill, but my brothers could which upset me but I would just deal with it. One morning we were all sitting at the table eating. When there was a knock at our door, it was Alyce the midwife’s apprentice! She said that the king’s knights were here and they were announcing that the king’s son the prince would be looking for a wife in the village at the age of thirteen. It would be about a month for him to find a good peasant girl for his wife. I thought it was a bad idea, so she went home. I went to bed and dreamed of what the prince looked like.
    A couple days later another announcement was made the prince wouldn’t go around the village he was now going to come to each individual house. Just great now I have to try and avoid him as much as I can. I told Alyce this when I met up here at the midwife’s house. We sat under a willow tree and talked for a little. Then a young man walked up to us and asked if we knew where the miller’s daughter was. I told him that I was the miller’s daughter. He was so handsome, he had dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. He told us that he was the prince and his name was Wolfe, prince Wolfe and he wanted to ask some questions. I said yes and he asked me two questions what’s my name, and what do I like to do when I am not working at home. Then he left.
    I came home and my dad said that the prince came by the house and asked if they had a daughter they said yes but told him they didn’t know where I was. So I told him that he found me and just asked some questions and left that was it. So I went to bed. The next day I fed the cat and went to the market to by some stuff for my mom and dad and maybe something for myself. While I was buying bread someone tripped me and I landed in a puddle of mud.
     It was the town bully her name was Violet and she was the baker's daughter she hated me no one know why she hates people they just deal with it. It was me today she was going to bully. “Willow” she said “buy me a comb now!” Someone came by and picked me up and I couldn’t hear Violet yelling anymore so I thought it was her grabbing me. But instead I heard a soft voice it was Wolfe. I could see him for some reason and then I remembered that I fell in mud. Wolfe wiped the mud off my face with his sleeve, so I could see. Then I saw that Violet left with her friends with her new comb the prince gave her. I think I know who the prince is going to marry. Anyway Wolfe brought me home so I could clean myself up. Then he left he said no words to me. Just left.
    Two days later I was still trying to avoid the prince because I thought he was a snob and stuck up. But I was hanging out with Alyce when low and behold he was being stalked by Violet’s sister Rose. So Alyce and I went to investigate. Then we were caught by Violet and just when I was about to be punched in the face the prince stopped her and helped me up and asked if I was okay. Two day later… Today is the day that the prince picks his wife I hope it’s Violet they would be perfect for each other both stuck up and mean. But Alyce still thinks it should be me. Then the strangest thing happens the prince picks me to be his wife. Everyone is cheering for me I don’t understand why me I didn’t do anything to deserve it I just work in the farm I didn’t do anything special.Then the prince said “That’s why Willow you are the one I picked, because you did what you were doing before I got here you didn’t try to look or act different. You gave me my space, and I love you for that.” Then he proposed to me “Willow Tana Miller will you marry me?” Of course I said yes.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Xander's Perspective of Things

In the book Xander is still giving the cure to people and its three months into the plague. In my opinion it was a bad thing to have made that plague because its possible to get it. I predict they are going to keep getting people that need the cure because the cure only works temporarily and then the plague gets worse.